... There are long airport lines, security checkpoint(s), boarding the plane, sitting in a confined, shaking, noisy space that can pressure little ears, and travel etiquette issues like not kicking the seats...

But when children understand what to expect and what is expected of them, they are always much better behaved.

If parents are prepared and prepare their children as well, travel with little ones can be an absolute joy!

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10 August 2010

19 March 2010

Advice from The Experts: Top Tips for Toddler Travel

It's cold outside! Whether you and your little ones are en route to a warmer place or off to enjoy the snow, these tips will ensure that getting there is safe, fun and drama-free.

Travel Expert Anya Clowers, RN, is a post-surgical specialist and thirty-year veteran of air travel. Her flight experience covers 34 years and over 400,000 miles. Anya flies monthly testing and reviewing products and services with her toddler son. She is the Creator and Author of Jet With Kids: the book, website, newsletter, and blog. Her expertise and passion are providing products and tips that provide comfort for practical issues travelers face. Anya teaches that self- sufficiency is required for successful travel in today’s world of aviation. When she is not at 37,000 feet or in an airport, she resides in Northern California with her husband and son.

Over the years, Anya has given seminars, written articles, interviewed countless experts, traveling families - and learned from personal experience that one can never be too prepared. Our favorite advice (for parents traveling with toddlers) from this incredible woman follows:

Prepare yourself and the kids ahead of time. "The key to happy kids are involved parents. Talk to your kids, read to them (even the safety card can be entertaining!) Talk about the plane, airport, runway, noises, seats, etc."

A stroller/carrier is a MUST HAVE when traveling with kids.
"Do not make the mistake of thinking a stroller or carrier is just one more (unnecessary) thing to take along! A lightweight stroller or carrier WILL save your trip, your sanity, and your back!"

Do not rely on the airport, airline, hotel, train, bus, or anyone else to provide the basic needs of food and drink. "Hydration is ultra important for the entire family when traveling. Dehydration or low blood sugar can result in crabby, uncooperative, irritable travelers (of all ages!)."

... And most importantly: "My biggest tip is to be flexible. Whether it be a sick child, weather delays, traffic jams on the way to the airport or viewing the word CANCELED next to your flight number, holiday travel – actually any travel with kids, requires flexibility.

"If you bring with you the right attitude and pack wisely – then delays, cancellations, overworked and rude ticket agents, tantrum-throwing passengers (not always children), extra time on the tarmac or an ill-timed-teething baby will not ruin your family trip, but instead just be small changes that you roll with."

The Parent & Toddler Flight Kit

Parent & Toddler Flight Kit
Prepare now for a great flight! Our complete package has everything your family needs to make the journey as much fun as the destination, with items for both parents and children. Parents will learn what to avoid and what to prepare for with the expert guidebook Jet With Kids:Taking the Fear Out of Flying...WITH YOUR KIDS! Toddlers and child fliers will love the Shae By Air DVD Toolkit™, which demonstrates for kiddos what to expect and what is expected of them with a fun DVD movie about flying, plus a picture packing list and luggage tags. Available for purchase from our affiliate (and trusted favorite) site

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