... There are long airport lines, security checkpoint(s), boarding the plane, sitting in a confined, shaking, noisy space that can pressure little ears, and travel etiquette issues like not kicking the seats...

But when children understand what to expect and what is expected of them, they are always much better behaved.

If parents are prepared and prepare their children as well, travel with little ones can be an absolute joy!

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04 March 2011

Good Little Traveler Maddie James

A personal entry in honor of a very special young traveler, whose family I am honored to support.

Maddie - Hawaii 2011 immediately after diagnosisThe Maddie James Foundation
Maddie James is
5 and 3/4 years old.
With family all over the world, and parents who love to travel, in her young life she's made her way across the United States and a couple of oceans.

She loves oceans.

But Maddie James can't travel anymore.

Maddie in Sweden 2007

A month ago, Maddie was diagnosed with a terminal, aggressive brain cancer that will kill her before her 6th birthday.

Her parents, beside themselves with grief, have in these final days and weeks of their daughter's life made two priorities:

Maddie in Baja 2008(1) to spend all the time they can with their little girl, making sure Maddie's last days are as happy and fun and comfortable as possible


(2) to memorialize their daughter "in a way that is worthy of their very special little girl. A place where they, and everyone who loves her, can go and remember her. A place where other children and their families can visit and make memories and learn about the ocean and its preservation."

Maddie - Princeville 2010

The Maddie James Foundation Please, if you can, support this family and their sweet Madeleine Reese in support of their Foundation to raise funds for the Ocean Institute's Seaside Learning Center - which when completed will ideally be in the name of Maddie James.

The Maddie James Foundation

Photos posted with permission for this blog entry. (c) Kajsa and Collie James.
Sidenote: Apologies if you've received notice of this post more than once. There was a bit of a hitch with the Blogger interface. Thank you for subscribing.

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